Who we are

We are a full service creative zone based at Kerala, India. We have been in the Christian publishing industry, the business we know best, for the past 25 years.

We believe in giving our clients value-added services in Christian Literature with a bouquet of dedicated pre-press services in publishing business from translation, editing, designing and printing. Many publication houses in India and abroad rely on us for their publishing needs both on line and off line for a variety of reasons like professionalism, promptness and personlised dedication to any work big or small.



Behind the name

Gilgal (Hebrew: גִּלְגָּל‎ Gilgāl; Koinē Greek: Γαλγαλατοκαι Δωδεκαλίθων “Galgalatokai of the Twelve Stones”) is the name of one or more places in the Hebrew Bible. Gilgal is mentioned 39 times, in particular in the Book of Joshua, as the place where the Israelites camped after crossing the Jordan River (Joshua 4:19 – 5:12). The Hebrew term Gilgal means “circle of stones”.

The term gilgal is thought by modern archaeologists to refer to a type of structure, which may then receive additional names, for example “the gilgal by the terebinths of Moreh” (Deuteronomy 11:30) or “the gilgal on the eastern border of Jericho” (Joshua 4:19). Gilgal structures have been found only in the Jordan River valley, and in the Samaritan mountains on the edge of the desert.



The team


Chief Editor

Having three decades plus experience in the literary field – creative writing, editing, proof reading, designing, translation of books and articles, etc. – Mathew Palathunkal is one of the busiest translator in the Christian circle. He had translated more than 25 books of the authors like Billy Graham, Joyce Meyer, Jeff Reed, Iris Delgado, Bishop Rev. K. P. Yohanan, Mrs. Gisela Yohannan, Gale Erwin, Edward Bennet, Alexander Hislop, Ann Chan & Edmund Chan, et al. from English to Malayalam.

Formerly he was the editor of the magazines Voice of Action and Readers Jalakam and served as the Editor of Penthecosth Daivasasthram (published by Readers Publications) and Chief Editor of Dakes Annotated Reference Bible Malayalam Edition. He designed numerous periodicals and Souvenirs including the Souvenirs of APPCON (Abudhabi), IPC UAE Region (Dubai), PMG Church (Sharjah), AG Bethel (Doha), etc.

He authored four books: 100 Sermons, 101 Sermons, Sisira Sandhyakal (Short Stories) and Edaya Sankeerthanam (Psalm 23).

Currently he is consultant to many reputed publishing houses like Believers Church, Peniel Publications, Bersheb Bible World, Sathyam Publictions, Childrens Network International, Our Daily Bread Ministries, etc.




We provide technical support to Christian Publishers and individual authors to produce literature in a more attractive and hassle-free manner.

English-Malayalam Translation
Substantive Editing
Copy Editing
Line Editing
Manuscript Critiques
Book Indexing
Verification of Citation Sources

Digital Bundle Creation
Book Cover Designing
Retail & Wholesale Distribution
Online Retailing

Book Cover & Layout
Logo & Brand Identity
Advertisement Designing
Web Development
Email Newsletter Campaign
Social Media Management
Ecommerce Platform
Magazine & Newspaper Designing

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